Photo Series: ReOpen LA, May Day 2020

California reopening starting this Friday. Photos from the anti-lockdown protest that took place May 1 in Los Angeles.

As part of a larger project called Isolated America, I want to share this hotline. 520-261-6763

We want to hear how the pandemic has affected your life, in any way. You can be anonymous, or you can let us know who you are, up to you.

An anti-locked down protestor holds his sign reading “ALL OUR JOBS ARE ESSENTIAL”. LA City Hall
Anti-Lockdown protestors gather on LA City Hall steps. Red X’s mark where protestors from a different cause practiced social distancing, days prior to May 1.
Counter-protestor and anti-lockdown protestor arguing. LAPD form a police line around this section of the protest.
Counter-protestors form a line across the street, stopping the car caravan anti-lockdown protestors.
Anti-lockdown protestors honk their car’s horn as they drive around LA City Hall.
Anti-lockdown protestors march down past the police line. Some take to streets with their signs and flags.
An anti-lockdown protestor with an American flag and a Blue Lives Matter patch on his face mask. Under the bridge, protestors flood the streets as semi-trucks join the car caravan protest.
Semi-trucks joining the car caravan anti-lockdown protest.
Anti-lockdown protestor on the pedestrian bridge next to LA City Hall looking down at his fellow protestors.