El Puente/The Bridge

“El Puente/The Bridge”

On this day two years ago, asylum seekers in Tijuana sought to touch soil north of the wall, by any means necessary.

“El Puente” was an idea that originated during their journey north through Latin America. A guiding and unifying idea that was rooted in self-determination and empowerment. To cross “el puente”, you walked yourself across it, to find something better, by any means necessary.

Two years ago the asylum seekers woke up saying they were going to walk to the border wall less than a mile away from the shelter, to begin their asylum process.

Only a bridge needed to be walked across to get to the border wall from where they were. 

The US CBP agents teargassed migrants & asylum seekers after MX federal police could not stop the asylum seekers from crossing their own bridge. 

It was just one morning, however. 

Some are still in TJ, with their own community now formed. Some self-deported after the kidnappings and killings in TJ began. Some are where the light always shines and the cages creak at night. Some disappeared. Some made it back to their loved ones. Some made it back to their loved ones missing. 

Some are here.

Still crossing the bridge. 

Give Me Your Huddled Masses

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