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I'm Ben, the person behind the lens

Documentary Photographer, Journalist, Curator

As a kid, I ran around the house with my parents’ family camera; something about being the one who decides when the shutter button gets pushed gave me a sense of autonomy. The day I realized my camera could be used to tell stories that matter, everything changed.

  • I studied journalism (both writing and photography) at the University of La Verne.
  • I am on two government watchlists due to my investigative journalism work.
  • I have received awards for my photography work, but they are secondary to what the photographs mean to me.
  • I am the Chair of the Legal Committee for the Freelance Journalists Union and organize with them to provide legal support for journalists all over the world.
  • I love the outdoors, my parrot, my friends, the silence of the desert, and conversing.

My work is an extension of myself–existing between sociopolitical conflict and preserving human emotion–giving agency to those who let me tell their stories through my lens. Every story matters, whether it’s captured along a border, on the street, in a home, on a mountain, or in a venue.

As a documentary photographer, I have traveled the world for stories of love, injustice, and collaboration–and I’ll always follow the right adventure, humbled by those who choose me to tell their story.

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Preserving memories of important days through photographs and curated galleries.

Documentary photography is a captivating way to chronicle experiences and immortalize special moments that otherwise could slip away. Being someone who is able to preserve human emotion in their work is one of the greatest responsibilities and joys of my life.

As a documentary photographer, I capture photographs that preserve human emotion and make you feel what it was like to be there.

What It’s Like to Work Together

As a documentary style photographer, I seek out projects and individuals that resonate with me on a creative and personal level. I am selective about who I work with because personal connection and good vibes are essential to creating compelling photography that stands apart from the mundane and ordinary.

Focusing on natural, raw emotion is the key to creating masterpieces through the lens. This means that it's essential for me to connect with those I am working with and establish an authentic vibe before picking up my camera. That way, I'm better able to capture candid moments which reflect the subject's true personality, free of any forced poses or artificial emotions.

Through this practice of careful selection and seeking out genuine interactions, I am able to make your story come alive through my work.

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Some words from happy clients

“My wife and I eloped at Joshua Tree in 2020 after our wedding event was canceled. We hired Ben to do our photography, and without a doubt, it was the best decision we made. Wow! Ben is extremely professional. He listens, he empathizes, he guides, and of course, he takes DAMN good pictures! Ben was super accommodating when he agreed to meet us at our Airbnb for our ‘before’ photos. He captured so much! When we were frantically trying to get into the park before sunset to do the ceremony, Ben drove with us and captured some great moments in the car. When we finally made it (just in time), Ben and our officiant worked together and coordinated the perfect spot and set up (they had never met prior to this). Afterward, Ben stayed with us and captured some more beautiful moments on the Rocks of Joshua Tree. He even had a special question game prepared and captured our reactions as he asked us questions. Most of the photos were candid, and we were able to act natural the whole time and just be ourselves, and I think it really helped capture the moment and emotions that came with it. Ben stayed late (beyond our allotted time) and took pictures of us cutting the cake back at our Airbnb. Truly selfless moves and a joy to meet!” - Allie & Josh

I am an investigative journalist, documentary photographer, and curator dedicated to covering issues involving government repression and photographing people on the most important day of their lives.