Documentary photographer and muckraker

I am a documentary photographer and journalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Recently, my work has appeared in Poynter Institute and Knock LA. I am currently working on a documentary titled The Blue Hand as part of the West Side Storytellers, an independent documentary team I co-founded. The film is a finalist for a Pulitzer Center grant. I am the co-chair of the legal committee for the IWW’s Freelance Journalists Union, where I organize to provide legal support for journalists around the world.

In 2019, I was placed on two federal government watchlists for reporting on state repression of the migrant caravan.

I create images for various clientele. Notable clients include: Google, Sony, Bacardi and Blizzcon. I am part of an award winning conference photography team.

Santa Ana raised me.

My work exists between sociopolitical conflict, and preserving human emotion. When not working, I enjoy live music and street photography.