A quick bio…

Documentary Photographer, Journalist, Curator

I am a storyteller with a camera, sometimes a microphone as well. My work is a part of me as there is compassion in every story I tell, whether that be along a border, on the street, in a home, on a mountain, or in a venue. My relationship with my subjects and clients is defined by human connection, not profits or self-gain. My camera is a free press as well as a way to preserve memories. I am humbled by those who choose me to tell their story.

Santa Ana raised me.

I am on two government watchlists. I have received some awards for my photography work, but they are secondary to what the photographs mean to me. I am a freelance journalist union member and organize with them to provide legal support for journalists all over the world.

My work exists between sociopolitical conflict, and preserving human emotion.

My street photography says what I haven’t put into words yet. I love biking, my parrot, my friends, the silence of the desert, and conversing.


  • Documentary Photographer, Photojournalist
  • Event Photographer
  • Curator
  • Investigative Journalist