Photo Series: Occupy ICE LA, 9/11

On September 11th, 2018, OccupyICE LA organized a press conference on the sidewalk of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. This detention center is used by the Department of Homeland Security & Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With the recent light shed on ICE’s operations throughout the United States, OccupyICE LA decided to hold their press conference as a way to inform the public about how ICE emerged from the 9/11/01 tragedy in New York City, and has shaped into an organization that uses terrorist-like tactics against civilians, immigrants, and children.

Upon ending the press conference, activists formed a blockade on all three driveways of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Indigenous Tongva leader & activist speaks at the press conference.
Los Angeles Police Department begin to regulate the press conference.
Black Lives Matter organizer delivers a powerful speech at the conference.
Department of Homeland Security Officer Jason Lynd tries to subdue the blockade participants. Jason Lynd is openly a white supremacist.
Private security for the building complex blocks the path for more protestors to join the blockade.
Aftermath of Jason Lynd (DHS officer/white supremacist) running over the altar dedicated to immigrants that have been abused or have died while in custody.
Protestor arrested by DHS Officer Jung.
Temple street blockade.
LAPD conducts an arrest of blockade protestors.

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