The Roses That Grew From Concrete

The following images are from The Roses That Grew From Concrete art, music, & education festival that took place in Downtown Santa Ana on August 25th, 2018.

This event brought together artists, musicians, educators, community youth & elders, and government officials in order to combat the school to prison pipeline.

Using hip-hop, dialogue and art, we created an experience for the youth attendees to connect with a platform that highlighted programs and resources within our community that are actively keeping families together.

Our goals for the event were as follows:

  • To reduce youth violence.
  • To increase school attendance.
  • To inspire youth to attain higher education.
  • To create a school to school pipeline.
  • To prioritize community needs.
KRS-One performing
OG Cuicide during the community roundtable sharing his story.
Allah’s Apprentice speaking during the community roundtable.
Educator from Roses In Concrete Community School, Oakland, CA.
KRS-One inspiring the participants to create a song on the spot.
Mario Chavez, a youth leader, speaks during the community roundtable.

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