I am a freelance documentary photographer and journalist based in Los Angeles, but willing to travel for the story. 

I am currently working on a long form documentary titled The Blue Hand as part of the West Side Storytellers.

The Blue Hand is a documentary about Jermaine Welch, a 40 year old Black man from South Central LA who was shot six times on June 3, 2020 by an unknown person. Welch was implicated in a police shooting by the Los Angeles Police Department and struggles to navigate the physical recovery and public housing system. In the story, we look at how even though denouncing his longtime CRIP affiliation and attempting to redeem himself through advocating for education in his neighborhood, Welch finds that the LAPD view him in the same light when he is served a search warrant. The warrant is found to be part of a pattern of LAPD’s negligence towards warrant procedures that adversely impact 4th amendment rights.

The documentary is a Pulitzer Center grant finalist.

Email: bencamachophotography@gmail.com

Call/text: +1 (562) 287-4629