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Capturing Defining Moments & Real Emotion at Weddings & Events with Documentary Photography

My Areas of Artistic Focus

Why Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography sets itself apart through its intimate portrayal of moments–capturing the emotion of a first dance, how family members interact, or the joy on a couple's face as they exchange vows. While traditional photography freezes these memories with flash portraits and posed scenes, documentary photography captures images that make you feel like you’re there–experiencing every emotion again as you relive your most important moments.

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Why Ben Camacho Photography?

Everything changed the day I realized my camera could be used to tell stories (something I loved to do verbally when kicking it with the homies). Now, my work is an extension of myself–giving agency to those who let me tell their stories through my lens.

As a documentary photographer, I take photographs of the mundane and the days that matter most, capturing raw emotions, candid moments, and your story through curated galleries. From covering the 2020 uprising on the frontlines to capturing the pure emotion on the groom’s face as his partner walks down the aisle, I have traveled the world for stories of love, injustice, and collaboration–and I’ll always follow the right adventure.

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Some of my favorite pictures of people doing beautiful things.

I am an investigative journalist, documentary photographer, and curator dedicated to covering issues involving government repression and photographing people on the most important day of their lives.